About Us

Black flame is a message and a long one I might add; So gather around the campfire, let me tell you a story. Now Black flame could be anything but I have passion for the fashion so Black Flame Clothing Co was founded. I want to create designs that vary and provide an alternative perspective as to how to interpret. Each design will progress similar to the 4 stages of a fire, from start to end. You can also think of the designs as fuel to Black flame, because what is a fire with no fuel. In essence, I want the designs to have meaning, I like to call it “Drip with a message.” So Black Flame was ignited as my way to empower and motivate people similar to myself. Black flame is a symbol to always let black (and the things that come with it) be the fuel to the flame that burns within. It is meant to remind us that similar to a flame, WE should be the spark and motivation for US to live fearless, burn bright, and leave our mark on the world.

The Campfire logo was chosen for several reasons, let me break down its composition. At the base are two sturdy logs, in which the foundation for my flame was built upon. Remember the saying sticks and stones, well As a Black Man who has experienced time in the streets, the service, Cooperate America, and life; I have had my fair share of sticks and stones thrown in my direction. The difference is as I healed from the initial impact of being hit by that stick, I also took the time to gather, build upon, and grow internally. The flame has taken on so many stages, in both regards to its natural development and the relationship to the logo. A flame builds in 4 stages; Incipient, growth, fully developed, and decay. Easy to see how those can relate to life in general. In any aspect for a fire to grow, it has to begin somewhere (incipient), but far too often we extinguish ourselves mentally with doubt or fear, never allowing the visibility of the flame to get out of its weakest stage. For growth all a fire needs is heat, fuel, oxygen, and most importantly to get out of stage one to progress.

Black Flame Clothing Co is about motivating people to live as fearless and as passionate as a flame. Be the spark in your life and others that ignites that flame within. The flame once incipient is one of the most powerful things. Not only does it still have the ability to grow and become fully developed, but its effect will always outgrow the actual flame. What I mean is regardless of the size of your flame, the impact  will always reach much further and cast a wider net. In the end, when the flame decays, the journey was bright and your mark was still left. Start your fire, LEAVE YOUR MARK!